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Alpaca experiences for
couples and lovers!

Love & Alpacas

What's included :
Prosecco - alcohol free
Handmade "couple" present
Surprise "Love" themed farm decoration

Price : 105€

Information :
Duration: around 1h30
Free parking at the farm
Do not bring your pets at the farm
We offer experiences in English, French & Italian

Are you madly in love and you'd like to surprise your partner with something they will remember forever and ever?

Are you in your relationship since years and years and you'd like to spend a lovely time together?
Are you ready for the most important step of your life, and you'd like your proposal being witnessed by the most cute animals ever?

To make it short: Are you in love?

If the answer is YES and you'd love to surprise, remember, make a big gesture and impress your partner, this is your chance!
Book an experience with us, enjoy a 'private' walk, no other guests around you.

Stop and take pictures, kisses, hugs,


At the end of the walk, you'll be back and you'll be surprised. The farm will be decorated for your special moment, it doesn't matter what is it. You can do a marriage proposal, you can exchange a small present, a kiss, it doesn't matter if it will be something simple or big.
Our alpacas will be there, they will be your love testimonial, and they will send you all the good vibes you need!

And there is more! There is always MORE with us!
You'll enjoy a glass of Prosecco - *alcohol free because we care about you and we don't want you to be drunk on the road - and a couple present for you, to remember this moment forever.

Please read our terms & conditions

Our awesome Alpacas & friends

Come to visit our farm and our family members!