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This is a small selection of what we offer for sale, so please, if you want to know more about our products feel free to write to us at

Our soaps are made with love, care and with the best ingredients we can.
They are palm oil free, sls free and cruelty free.
We offer a large selection of vegan soaps, and soaps made with the honey of our bees or alpaca wool from our alpacas.
We love them and we care about them, and you can come and visit our farm as we are an interactive farm and we offer alpacas experiences.
Click here if you want more information about our farm.

We love to be plastic free and to upcycle. For this reason you'll receive your soaps in paper boxes like tea's one, wrapped in paper or in bubble wraps we upcyled from other deliveries we received.
Buying our soaps, you'll help us to keep this world litter free for another day.
Thank you!

Our handmade soaps for sale

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All of our products are traditionally made in small batches, from scratch, with completely natural, petro-chemical free, ingredients.
They are created to be gentle to sensitive and allergy prone skin, however individual allergies may still occur.
Discontinue use immediately if you experience any irritation. If you or your children have sensitive skin we recommend doing a patch test 24 hours before regular useage. Please contact us prior to purchase if you are aware of allergies & need additional product information & advice.