Things to do in Kilkee - Loop Head

Visiting Loop Head is the best way to spend your time during your stay, and we have a lot of advices and suggestions if you want to know more about the area.
Anyway, sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's too rainy or you want to be a little bit more lazy than usual... so we why don't enjoy an indoor activity while learning how to make your own soap!

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Homemade soaps Alpaca experiences

Create your own natural soap!

Prices :
12+ years old: 28€ pp
4+ years old: 15€ pp
Minimum age : 4 years old
Starting price: 56€
Information :
Duration: around 1:30 hours
Free parking at the farm
Do not bring your pets at the farm
All material is included
We offer experiences in English, French & Italian

Natural soaps are completely free of artificial additives and are a fun and safe activity for the whole family. You will be introduced to the history of soap through the ages, and all the safety precautions.

You'll therefore arrive to the fun part: making your first batch!
We will share with you some of our recipes.

Suitable for all ages starting 4 years old. It's perfect for families and young children!
The experience is roughly 1:30 hours long

  • 250gr of soap per person
  • free choice between several essential oil, dried flowers...
  • Soap Maker certificate :)
  • Free Parking

Alpaca Experiences

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Alpacas are lovely, smart and very curious animals!