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Web-designer for choice, horse maniac for passion!

Born in Milan (northern Italy), she moved in Ireland fallen in love by the green of this island and the smile of its people.

She loves animals (husband included), cooking, horse riding and travelling. You can often find her into her greenhouses taking care of her vegetable plants!

His strong passion for aviation and 11 years in the fields brought him to… leave everything and change his lifestyle: mesmerized by the black colour of the Irish cliffs on the dark blue of the ocean, he moved in Ireland searching for the fairies, the leprachauns and the “good people” hiding in Irish woods!

You can often find him in the fields with the animals, with the head towards the amazing Irish sky!



After 66 years spent in Italy she left everything, sold her house in less than one week and moved to the Emerald Island in search for new adventures… without renouncing her traditions.

You can often find her into the kitchen preparing undiscovered south-Italian old recipes!

Why The Flying Alpaca

Few years ago, Barbara and Michele started willing changing their life. Their life was essentially staying in an office for 8-10 hours a day in front of a computer.

Their dream was living in Ireland, and island full of tales and mystique creatures, of breath-taking panoramas, dramatic cliffs, strange music instruments and dances, and warm smiles. But living in an office in Ireland or in Singapore was exactly the same, because they were unable to really enjoy all those things…

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Mayo? Donegal? Kerry?
Irish west coast is amazing and full of choice, but their hearth was lost in Clare since a trip in the Loop Head made years ago and here we go!

They found a new house in less than 2 weeks, purchased it and in less than one year created greenhouses for vegetable garden, a chicken coop for Cobo and family, a beehive and a stable.

Their dream was becoming reality: having a farm from zero, with animals and the help of local people.

And where better than Loop Head?
Trekking, horse riding, kayaking, fishing, dolphin and whale watching: there’s no better place for breathing the authentic Irish lifestyle and its traditions.

Come to visit our farm and experience some Italian traditions in the gorgeous Irish countryside.

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