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Alpacas invasion

Book your stay, or a visit to our eco-farm. Meet the whole family and spend some time with them! Alpacas are lovely, smart and very curious animals!

The French Guy

Kuro (black, in Japanese) is our French stray cat: he started visiting our house in France and after few months got adopted by Michele.
Barbara was unable to resist to his black fur and yellow eyes and became her favourite, a truly French lover!

Our local bees are from Kerry: they are calm and great workers.
They have to deal with Irish wind and rain, so please do not disturb them while they’re at work!
If you want to see them working, please wear white clothes and they won’t care of you.

Honey not for Money

His Majesty and Wives

Lulu and Coco, our beautiful hens missed someone searching food for them, and Michele was not always available. So we adopted king (Cho)Cobo, a gentle Rooster who loves singing, cabbage and strolling with his beautiful queens!

The Kerry Girl

Yuki (snow, in Japanese) is our Kerry dog. We adopted her in Listowel, but don’t worry! She also understands Clare accent and speaks Italian too! She loves children, small dogs and smiling at you when you arrive with your car!

Jack and Bobby are our two beautiful Irish Cobhs from Clare. Jack is the boss and Bobby his calm friend. They love carrots, nuts and... cuddles! You can find Bobby eating the hay and Jack at the gate watching you! Or, if you're lucky, rolling on the grass in the nearby field!

Jack & Bobby

The Flying Alpaca

Cats, dogs, chickens… even bees, and Alpaca!!!

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